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My father and his three siblings were orphans. They lived in the Abraham Kriel Orphanage in Langlaagte, Johannesburg, but he was moved to Kimberley (500 km away) at the age of 4 after he contracted polio, and only saw his siblings again in adulthood. A caring teacher organised for him to attend Goudstad College after school, but holidays proved to be a problem, he had nowhere to go. This is where his passion for travel started. He donned his college colours and hiked through the country until it was time to return to class.

His life story had a tremendous impact on me. I often wondered about this man that was my father, who he would be if he had a loving family, if he was played with, took places, experienced love and the world outside.

Thankfully times have changed, and we now talk about children’s homes, many kids live in small family-type units, and won’t be separated from their siblings. But most of these children have only seen the town they live in. How can you dream big if your world is so small? Most children’s homes have programmes where foster parents can take a child on holiday, a weekend outing or just a new experience, but with the economy seeing family resources and budget disappear, this becomes problematic. Many people also don’t know about these programmes.

Older children who are still in the system, don’t always have access or funds for tertiary education, or to take a gap year. Tourism is one of the few growing economies in South Africa, and creates solid opportunities for entrepreneurs.

My greatest passions are tourism and entrepreneurship, aspects I attempt to develop through the Foundation.


  • To provide orphaned children with holiday experiences within an intimate family environment.
  • To provide adventure, culture and tourism experiences to older orphaned children.
  • To provide tourism based internships to disadvantaged school-leavers.





  • Sign up holiday resorts and houses to donate free nights in order to enable families and foster parents providing orphaned children with a holiday experience within an intimate family atmosphere.
  • Sign up adventure, cultural and tourist experiences to older children who are still in the children’s home system.
  • Sign up holiday resorts, hotels and lodges to provide internship to school leavers in order to learn new skills, interact with guests and open horizons.


The Open Mind Foundation partners with children homes that share the same core values as us. Please visit their websites below to see how you can make a difference.

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